Laura advises, coaches and gives lectures on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Accessibility means access, both geographically and structurally. It is a prerequisite for societies to be able to exploit their full potential and develop further. Again and again I experience how people, teams and companies benefit when they create access together, enable participation and achieve more diversity.

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During my studies of social pedagogy and psychology, I became aware that inclusion is not simply there. We have to actively produce them ourselves. Again and again. Driven by this realization, I decided to train as a mediator and coach. With these skills, enter into dialogue, analyze and look for solutions together that create more access, participation and freedom for all people.


Cooperation; Laura and sapera_studios are now working together. A particular focus of the cooperation is on the topics of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). The three terms describe a new corporate culture. The focus is on diverse teams, individually tailored development opportunities for all employees and accessibility in the workplace.


Podcast; In this episode of "UNANGEPASST - the podcast about being unorthodox", Matze Hielscher, host of Germany's most successful interview podcast Hotel Matze, and Laura Gehlhaar meet.


Podcast; In the last Role Models podcast episode of 2020, author and consultant Laura Gehlhaar is a guest of Isa and David. The conversation is about serious, deep topics, but there are also many funny moments. Laura's humor is, as she says herself, a wonderful tool to create a distance to any topic, no matter how serious, such as ableism.


Podcast; Whether with or without disabilities: all people should be able to participate equally in professional and social life. But how inclusive is our society? What barriers do people with disabilities encounter every day in Germany? And what can politics, but also each individual, do to strengthen participation? Federal Minister Hubertus Heil will discuss this with author and consultant Laura Gehlhaar.



What is inclusion? Inclusion is a human right that aims to ensure equal opportunities and the right to co-determination for people with disabilities.

How can I get started with the topic of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion? Whether you are a beginner or a professional, let's see together where you stand and what you need. Based on this, I adapt my range of services individually. Until then, take a look at the linked article.

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Can you give a (digital) talk on ableism with us? Sure, of course! Feel free to ask me.

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Disabled person or person with disabilities - what am I saying now? Language creates reality, and small subtleties in wording can have major impacts on perception. I also talk about this in my lectures.


Are your services and lectures barrier-free? I would like to make my offers and content accessible to as many people as possible. Depending on the target group, I adapt my content accordingly.

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