Reality is diverse. Just like our society. More and more companies and organizations recognize this and want to adapt their structures to this reality. For many, the journey is just beginning. Is diversity more than a PR measure? What exactly does inclusion mean? Are we discriminating, are we being ableist without wanting to?

And further?

The road to more diversity and inclusion is winding and bumpy at times. But exciting around every bend. With a keynote based on your questions and needs, I accompany teams a bit. Give an overview of buzzwords and the concepts behind them. Show how a company or an organization can ensure more diversity and appreciation - and how to avoid one or the other pitfall.

Will this be very dry?

No way! I want to give impulses, create more awareness and inspire change. That's why I don't focus on abstract theories, but on what's really exciting: your situation and your motivation. Diversity, equity & inclusion can be experienced, understood and implemented if the actors see themselves as active co-creators of positive change.

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