Every conversation is an opportunity. Get to know each other, listen to each other, think ahead together. Find and develop. Your own personality as well as the feeling for the perspective of the other person. In the space that is then created, there is room for knowledge, reflection and growth.

Ah, interesting.

The terms and concepts behind Diversity, Equity & Inclusion often generate strong emotions - for newcomers as well as for experts. Doubt, shame, aggression. My coaching addresses this. I want to replace uncertainty with understanding. Create awareness and self-confidence. Dealing with discrimination and ableism together, dismantling them. In the professional as well as in the private environment. I would be happy to meet you individually, in a group or in a team. And always at eye level.

And what if I am affected myself?

Every horizon of experience is unique. Experiences of discrimination overlap and have different effects on individuals. As a disabled person, I accompany you to find your own voice and turn it up louder. For more self-confidence and less ableism. Together we will strengthen your awareness and belonging.

What is your motivation?

My body and my identity are inextricably linked. Not only did I have to learn that as a disabled woman I am affected by multiple layers of discrimination. Only the realization made it possible for me to name these experiences. And determined to face them. Only those who know their rights can demand them. Would you like that too? Indeed.

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